Vibez GH is a brand of PTS Technologies, a small technology firm based in Koforidua, the Eastern capital of Ghana, our dream is to make life easier for Africans through the use of our own technologies. PTS Technologies deals with electronic circuit designs and PCB developments, but at the later part of 2014 we started with software and web technologies and this is where it got us today, you can visit our main website www.powerstonegh.com to find our more.


The mision of Vibez GH is to provide a great platform for young and talented African artists to be able to reach their fans wherever they are in the world.


Our vision is to become Ghana's best music sharing platform and we will stop at nothing to provide our users with the best of technological tools to help them unleash their talent.

How did Vibez GH Come About?

Vibez GH officially started in 2017 but the project to make it a success actually started in 2014, so it was launched 3 years later on the 3rd of December 2017.

The motivation that drove the project to it's success was the fact that our CEO Newhope Bedzra who is also a gospel and inspirational singer faced a lot of challenges promoting himself, so he decided to use his skills and talents to help not only himself but also all independent artists who were struggling like him, so he started researching on how to make Vibez GH come into reality, and in 2017 with the help of his good friend; Radu of ZoomIT in Romania, Vibez GH was born.

Newhope studied Electrical/Electronic engineering at Ho Polytechnic (Ho Technical University). He is an expert electronics engineer with experience in micro electronics, at the same time a sound engineer, he is also the chief software developer at PTS Technologies, Newhope has worked for individuals and companies worldwide including Merchant Services Inc in USA and he is the founder and CEO of PTS Technologies. Infact he is the brain and face of the company however, he is always ready to help others achieve their dreams too. Newhope is also available for freelance work, you can contact us today and find out more.

Powerstone Electronics; another brand of the company is Powerstone electronics, this is the section of the company that deals more with the company's electronics phase, we currently sell studio equipments as well, you can visit our online store to find out more.

VibezGH.com, your music your way! Thanks for visiting.


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