Instructions on how to add Vibez GH Player to your site

To add our player to your web page is quite simple, simply go to the page of the song and click on the SHARE button, below the social media icons you will see two other lines of code generated by our software for your song, the first code is a url leading to your track on Vibez GH, we provided that for sharing via email, whatsapp or any other platform we did not list among the icons.

The second link is an Iframe of our player for your track, just click on it and it will automatically highlight and copy itself to clipboard and you can just embed it to your website.

Above is a demo of the player on, you can customize the size to fit your your website, we shall work hard on making it possible for you to choose background colors in the future.


Report Reason

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1 Month - GH₵40 3 Months - GH₵100