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Elvrichboy - God s Word 
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Elvrichboy a.k.a Grace Baller after releasing debut single last year Decemeber which hit 2k downloads has released a brand new single titled "God's Word" produced by Ugo Drumz and written by Elvrichboy and Dandy Keyz.


Elvrichboy with his passion for souls is dedicating this tremendous song to the doubting Christians/Unbelievers. And the song tells us about the authenticity of God's word.


This song is an inspirational/motivational song, is mind blowing.


Download, listen, share till everyone believes and act God's word.


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Elvrichboy - God's Word



Doubting Thomas u still dey doubt God's word? Na wao (3times)

You want put your finger through were them nail Jesus? Na wao


Verse 1

Doubt doubt is such an enemy of faith

Faith faith is such a way to receive

Don't be a doubting Thomas you'll live your life below

Become papa Abraham and live your life above

Salvation is personal so take it personal

Believe in Jesus Christ and you'll live expectional

My life is full of fame e don tey I overtake

My faith is my fame and that's what makes me overtake

You say you're born again are you really born again?

What seems to be the be the problem when God took away pains

You got to check yourself and free yourself from all the pains

And You got to realize and make the word of God your thing

The word of God is blameless

The word of God is spotless

Holy holy holy holy holy and pure

The word of God is blameless

The word of God is spotless

Holy holy holy holy holy and pure


Repeat Chorus


Verse 2

You've been a christian for long but your faith still dey shake

You've been born again yet you don't believe without seen

Even God's word you cannot boldly say

I have a question for you bro are you a Pharisee? Na wao

Ma faith is my sight because I'm not a Pharisee

Ma life is been good cus I choose to live believing

How would you receive when you don't believe what he says

I receive when I believe is not by magic but by faith bro

I lambano the word and get home and meditate

Winning souls for Christ that's what I dedicate

I don't get sick call it supernatural health

It's my year of supernatural take it and elevate

Affirm affirm affirm God's word

Depend depend depend on God's word

Affirm affirm affirm God’s word

And depend depend depend on God’s word


Repeat Chorus


Na Wao!!!!! (6times)

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