1. How do I get my music cover art on the home page of

Ans: This process is simple, kindly contact us through our contact page and let us know that you wish to promote your song and we will communicate the amount to you, the price is cheap, guaranteed! You will later fill the contact form with a link you your track on and allow us a few hours after you send payment to add the cover art, we will call to let you know once it is done.

2. I get this message whenever I try to submit a song "track not submitted, you need to enter a track", please what do I do?

Ans: Please make sure the progress bar reaches it's full width and disappears, and wait for about 10 seconds before submitting your song, please also make sure you have a very good internet connection! Our software is programmed in such a way that it aborts the upload process once your internet connection is weak, hence hitting the submit button gives that note, if these do not work, please clear your browser history, we might have done a few updates on the site which might be conflicting with your browser cache. You should also make sure that the file being uploaded does not exceed 100MB, if you still have issues after making sure all the above is observed, kindly contact us.

3. Can I embed your player on my website?

Ans: Yes please, kindly check the developers page for more details.

4. Please do you support selling of tracks too?

Ans: Please NO, not at the moment but we are making preparations towards that in the near future.

5. Who can sign up at

Ans: Anybody at all who loves music or who is an artist who wants to showcase his/her talent, signing up is free and it doesn't matter whether you are in Ghana or Nigeria, it is opened to anyone in any country, if you wish to subscribe to a pro account whiles ouside Ghana, just let us know by contacting us through our contact page and we shall send you our bitcoin payment info. Thanks.

6. Please how do I get the vrified badge   on my user name?

Ans: In order for your username to bear a verified badge, your account must be verified so that Vibez GH will be sure you are the authentic owner of your brand name on Vibez GH, hence if you are a record label we shall need a scanned copy of your certificate of incorporation and full address of location and for independent artists we will need your full name and address of location and also applicants must have at least 50 followers on and at least one song uploaded to your profile, you will also be required to verify your email and remeber you cannot buy the verified badge and the process is just a one time process after which the badge will remain on your username, however, to do this you will have to contact us first either by email or phone (use our contact page) and we will give you guidelines, thanks.

7. Please do you have android app?

Ans: Not at the moment, but we are preparing towards that.

8. After submitting a track nothing happens and it leads me straight to the explore page, what do I do?

Ans: Simply re-upload and submit the track again and it will work, we are working on resolving that issue soon.

9. My fans say they cannot download my track and it is true when I checked it myself, what do I do?

Ans: Kindly log into your account and edit your track by removing all special characters in the title colum, these characters or symbols conflict with the link to your song even when you share it on social media sometimes so we advice that the name or title of any track you upload should be in plain leters or words, thanks.

NOTE: The link to your track will change after you edit the title, so you will need to share it again after editing, thanks!!!


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